Miele Wet Care Cleaning Services

Whether it’s a wedding dress or UGG boots, wet cleaning is a safe and effective alternative to dry cleaning that guarantees professional results.

You can clean a range of fabrics

Thanks to wet cleaning, you won’t be put off buying the item with the ‘dry clean only’ label. Wet cleaning can clean items in a safer, softer and more eco-friendly way, including garments such as:

  • Leather bags
  • Persian rugs
  • UGG boots
  • Wedding dresses
  • Leather coats
  • Delicate fabrics
  • Lace fabrics
  • Silk garments
  • Suede garments
  • Suits
  • Shirts

All Miele WetCare washing machines can clean a huge range of delicate and natural fibres such as:

  • Wool
  • Cashmere
  • Linen
  • Silk

It’s kind to your skin

By wet cleaning, your clothes will come back as soft as the day you bought them and with an absence of chemicals and solvents, which is great for those with sensitive skin.

Your clothes will stay fresh and last longer 

To leave your clothes looking and feeling like new, wet cleaning provides a deep and effective clean that home and dry cleaning can’t match. The process uses safe alternatives and a gentle cleaning method to ensure your clothes come out cleaner, softer and smelling fresh. Your clothes will also last longer, thanks to the delicate care taken to ensure they are not damaged or subjected to strong chemicals and solvents during the cycle.

Benefits of Wet Care

All textiles with a W on the care label and many items with a P or F can be cleaned in this process without any problems.

Your clothes will come out softer and last longer due to the absence of harmful chemicals and Miele’s patented Honeycomb drum, which gently cleans and cushions fabrics, ensuring they’re not damaged during the cycle.

With biodegradable detergents, wet cleaning is a truly ‘green’ alternative to dry cleaning that is friendly to the environment while not compromising on a flawless standard of cleaning.

About Miele Wet Care

Since being developed in 1991 by German companies; Miele and Kreussler, Wet Cleaning has established itself as an environmentally friendly alternative to dry cleaning.

It was designed to create a process for cleaning that could safely and successfully clean and protect all garments and fibres. It did this with a biodegradable detergent as good to fabrics as it was to the environment.