Laundry Service Wash

We provide a quality Service Wash which is priced by regular domestic load (approx 5kg).

Darks, Lights and Delicate items will be separated into individual wash loads to provide the best possible care for your garments and we will not overload the machines, ensuring a quality wash every time.

Identify those stubborn stains to us when you drop your laundry off and we will treat them before washing at no additional cost.

Items will be washed using quality branded detergents and will be tumble dried before being neatly folded and packed in to a laundry bag.

Items which aren’t suitable for tumble drying can be hung to dry naturally before being folded. We ask that you identify these items when you drop your laundry in to us.

If you have allergies to some brands of detergent, we are happy for you to provide your preferred brand for us to use. Alternatively, we can use our branded non bio which won’t irritate your delicate skin.

Our supersized washing machines mean that we can often launder those bigger or more unusual items such as gazebo covers or washable rugs.

Just give us a call on 01642 956100 to discuss your item and requirements.

Dry Only Service

On those wet and wintry days, we can also offer a Dry Only service, which of course includes your items being neatly folded ready to put away or be ironed.