Here at Lovely Laundry we offer professional horse rug cleaning. We understand how important it is to ensure that your horse rugs are professionally cleaned.  It is critical to protect your horse from the elements, to keep them warm and dry.  A horse rug is a technical garment and as such they are an expensive item. Ensuring you have them cleaned correctly will save you money in the long term. All horse rugs are washed to the manufacturers’ instructions. We have invested in specialist commercial washing machines. These machines are designed to produce the best results regardless of how dirty the items are.

Horse Rugs Re-Proofed

Why not have your horse rugs re-proofed. Having your horse rugs cleaned is only part of the technique. As a part of the washing process we can also re-proof the rug.

Our Horse Rug Cleaning and Re-Proofing Service

Our horse rug cleaning and re-proofing service can be relied on. We have 5 years’ experience professionally cleaning and re-proofing horse rugs. So whether it is a heavy weight turn out rug, a fly rug or summer sheet, however big or small the horse we can wash and re-proof it.

The benefits of using our service is it

  • prolongs the life of horse rugs and optimises performance
  • maintains breathability
  • maintains original water-repellency

Please feel free to speak to us if you have any specific questions. Why not call today and speak to one of our qualified technicians to arrange a collection 01642 956100 or email at