We offer professional pet bed cleaning in the Stockton and Darlington area. Your pets love fresh bedding as much as you do. Here at Lovely Laundry we offer laundry services for pet beds as well as yours. We know dogs aren’t as clean and tidy as you’d like them to be. If your four legged friends are on the larger side, their beds may be too much for your domestic washing machine to handle.

So why not lighten your load and let Lovely Laundry take care of your pets and their beds?

No matter the size of your pets, don’t worry, our industrial super-sized specialist machines can handle any size. The machines are designed to produce the best results regardless of how dirty the items, or your pets, are.

Why chose Lovely Laundry for your Professional Pet Bed Cleaning

In homes with dogs and cats, there are lots of allergens, especially in their pet beds and the areas they sleep.  Homes where there are dogs and cats duvets are very often contaminated with dog and cat dander which is saliva and skin cells. These are common allergens and Lovely Laundry’s cleaning process will eradicate any dander present. If your pets like to sleep on your bed as well as their own, find out more about our duvet cleaning services.

Our Professional Pet Bed Cleaning Services

Dog beds are laundered from just £10.00 each, making our service very reasonably priced in comparison to buying your furry friends a new one. This saves you money in the long run, leaving a little extra treat money for them!


Please feel free to speak to us if you have any specific questions. Why not call today and speak to one of our qualified technicians, 01642 956100 or email at Lovelylaundry@hotmail.com.